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What People Are Saying

“I’m writing to express my deepest gratitude for the positive impact your teachings had on my health and well-being. You have a nourishing energy that penetrates through our Virtual sessions, and I am fortunate to cross paths. Your implacable and precise instructions as well as the perfect pacing of combining energy and calmness in your flows are beyond appreciated.”


“Sean teaches from an authentic place that profoundly resonates with me. His ability to create a professional, safe, supportive practice space is much appreciated and valued. He brings an understanding to his classes that allow for the opportunity for personal transformation to take place.”

Susan M.

“Sean is such a wonderful instructor and so attentive to each student. His classes are deeply grounding and nourishing. If you want to experience authentic yoga from an instructor that cares about you and modifies any areas where you need extra support, then Sean is your guy!”

Raquel R.